Blockchain and Charity

How Blockchain is impacting Charity

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How Blockchain Will Affect Charity

One of the big promises of blockchain is that it can reduce costs by eliminating or reducing the role of intermediaries. And charities are intermediaries, helping to transfer money from donors to people in need. Could blockchain, then, eliminate charities? Not entirely, but it could make them much more effective. Blockchain-based smart contracts, a type of code that self-executes when a certain condition is met,...



Use bitcoin to donate to humanitarian relief efforts around the world. Using a P2P network, maintain full control and track your donation to its intended recipient.

Blockchain for Social Impact Coalition

“Blockchain for Social Impact addresses social and environmental challenges across the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals.” Solutions and applications are built on the Ethereum blockchain, bringing non-profit organizations and foundations,...


The BitHope Foundation is the first Bulgarian Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) to use only cryptocurrency to raise funds for humanitarian campaigns around the world.

BitGive - GiveTrack

With a focus on public and environmental health, The BitGive Foundation allows donors to track their donated funds on the GiveTrack platform. An open, public ledger that allows donors to...


Disberse is a fund management platform that keeps monetary aid transparent and efficient. Follow donations from donor to beneficiary to ensure the intended aid is received in full.


BLS tokens allow Bitlumens to provide clean energy and electricity to off-grid communities via solar power grids.