Blockchain, Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency Movies & Documentaries

There is much to learn and many misconceptions about bitcoin and cryptocurrencies. Check out these educational resources to help educate yourself while sitting back and relaxing at the same time.

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Blockchain, Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency Movies & Documentaries

These movies and documentaries will help you to better understand why everyone is talking about bitcoin and crypto these days and what it may mean for the future of money.

Featured Movies

Banking on Bitcoin Movie

Banking on Bitcoin

Not since the invention of the Internet itself has there been such a controversial technological creation as Bitcoin. Bitcoin’s early pioneers sought to blur the lines of sovereignty and the financial status quo. After years of underground development, Bitcoin grabbed the attention of a curious public – as well as the ire of the regulators the technology had subverted. (2016)

Cast: Charlie Shrem, Gavin Andresen, Erik Vorhees

Trust Machine: The Story of Blockchain

Director Alex Winter explores the origins and rise of cryptocurrency, and examines the use of blockchain technology to prevent poverty and hunger. (2018)

Cast: Lauri Love, Vinay Gupta, Laura Shin, Bill Tai, Imogen Heap, Tim Draper, Spiros Michalakis, Mark Jeffrey

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Down The Rabbit Hole

Additional Bitcoin, Crypto & Blockchain Movies & Documentaries

Bitcoins in Argentina

Bitcoins in Argentina

A documentary that examines one of Argentina’s biggest problems: the high inflation rate of its currency – 20-25% a year and how bitcoin is helping to address their currency woes. (2013)

Cast: Various

Bitcoin in Uganda

Bitcoin in Uganda

A documentary about Ronald from Kampala, Uganda who receives bitcoin from his family in the U.S. to support his education. (2014)

Cast: Various

Bitcoin in Kenya

Bitcoin in Kenya

Bitcoin In Kenya’s style is framed by an investigative approach to expose Bitcoin as a global digital currency, as well as a ground-breaking technology. It is a journey between rural-unbanked Kenya to Nairobi’s technological start-up hub. This was a lived experience, an invaluable addition to my research about global finance on a specific, local level. (2014)

Cast: Various

Ulterior States

Ulterior States

Ulterior States, an IamSatoshi production, is an argumentative documentary project. The participatory development, production and post ‘guerilla-film-making-methods’, bounced between (non-academic) literature research, video interviews and studio sessions.

Cast: Andrea M. Antonopoulos and others

The Bitcoin Gospel

The Bitcoin Gospel

Is bitcoin the blueprint for a bankless currency, or the biggest pyramid scheme ever? What if we could create money ourselves, without the need for banks? Money that can’t be forged, that will appreciate rather than deprecioate, and that can be used worldwide with minimal transaction costs. It exists, and some people consider it to be the digital version of gold: bitcoin. (2015)

Cast: Roger Ver, Garrick Hileman, Marshall Long,


The Bitcoin Story

A fast-paced series of conversations about Bitcoin’s founding, core technology, libertarian politics, and prospects of transforming financial services. The leading technologists, visionaries, entrepreneurs, and venture capitalists offer their perspectives. (2015)

Cast: Gavin Andresen, Peter Vessenes, C. Bennett Hoffman


Bitcoin: The End of Money As We Know It

A film that examines the history of money and technological innovation to explain how bitcoin works. (2015)

Cast: John Barrett, Andrea M. Antonopoulos, Jeffrey A. Tucker

Life on Bitcoin Movie

Life on Bitcoin

In 2013, a young couple decided to put bitcoin (and their marriage) to the ultimate test. If cryptocurrency is going to change the world, then regular people will need to use it everyday. Is this promising technology ready for primetime? Can Beccy and Austin use bitcoin for every living expense for the first three months of married life? (2014)

Cast: Austin M. Craig, Beccy Craig


The Bitcoin Experiment

Amund Sjolie Sveen takes us on a road trip from Oslo via Copenhagen, Gothenburg, Stockholm and further up in Sweden. Along the way he seeks out environments and meets people who have a relationship with Bitcoin, as users, lawyers, government officials, enthusiast and skeptics. (2016)

Cast: Various


Bitcoin: Beyond The Bubble

If the notion of bitcoin intrigues you, yet you find yourself intimidated by the complicated techno-jargon surrounding it, then the documentary “Bitcoin: Beyond the Bubble” is for you. This incisive overview explains the intricacies of the cryptocurrency in an engrossing and easily digestible manner.